Your Valued Commercial Construction Partner

August 30, 2021 in General


If the demands for corporate remodeling, increasing materials costs, and interruptions of supply chains have you wondering how you will keep up, Jurgen is here to help. Today’s unprecedented building boom is creating unusual challenges for contractors, but with Jurgen Associates of Indianapolis, you have a premier millwork manufacturer that strives to be your valued commercial construction partner.

Jurgen increases the capabilities and the capacities of the architect, engineer, or contractor as they seek to breathe life into the vision of their remodeling projects. With numerous satisfied customers and repeat business from architects, contractors, and business owners, we know that our straightforward process of meeting the needs of each customer is what makes Jurgen Associates successful.

Our clients love the transformative power of our commercial design!

“Jurgen Associates is a valued partner for Capitol Construction. They are responsive, reliable, and their millwork is a great quality that our clients are happy with and we can be proud of. We have a strong working relationship and plan on continuing to use them as one of our top subcontractors.”

-Jermey Coy, Project Manager @ Capitol Construction

With over 40 years of extensive fabrication and installation experience, we can help you transform any business space with skill and precision. If you want to work with a team of woodworking professionals that promise customer satisfaction, quality architectural design, hand-crafted artistry, and a team that will know you by name, then contact Jurgen Associates today!

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