Rethinking Office Spaces

January 29, 2021 in General


Navigating the expectations of your clients for a hygienic commercial environment

In our rapidly changing world, how do we adapt our commercial spaces to the new normal? With changing architectural expectations, offices need to be welcoming and inviting as well as safe and clean.

Jurgen Associates of Indianapolis, Indiana has the production capabilities to implement all of your health and safety creative solutions. We are adept at implementing elegant solutions with antimicrobial surfaces and mixing materials to create an eye-catching and welcoming space. We also specialize in the fabrication and installation of solid, non-porous surfaces that can be quickly disinfected and sterilized. Our highly skilled team has over 40 years of extensive production and installation experience to cater to your specific needs.

The talented craftsmen of Indianapolis' premier custom millwork specialists, Jurgen Associates, care about each customer and strive to create the vision you have for your space. You dream it. We build it.

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