What is Custom Designed Millwork?

March 29, 2021 in General


From the beginning of civilization, wood has been an indispensable material used to construct everything from buildings and furniture to tools and utensils. As society advanced and architectural skills improved, the demand for custom-designed interior woodwork increased. Millwork is defined as any form of woodwork or fabrication produced in a sawmill from raw lumber. Some common millwork products include doors, wall paneling, crown moldings, chair rails, casework, molding, and trim.

Today, custom-crafted millwork has remained a standard of beauty and style in any commercial space.  

In Indianapolis, Indiana, the craftsmen of Jurgen Associates work diligently to ensure the perfect fit of your designed space through expert custom casework, cabinet drawings, woodwork drafting, and millwork drafting. Our custom-millwork transforms a space devoid of thought and design to add character, style, and elegance.

At Jurgen Associates, we value our customer relationships and listen closely to their needs and requirements, intent on collaborating to create their dream space. We utilize the latest laser technology on the job site to precisely measure challenging angles and curves, from floor to ceiling, for the perfect fit and finish. Our number one goal is to create beautifully finished custom spaces that completely fulfill our customer’s dreams.

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